Schlaf gut! Murmel

Schlaf gut! Murmel – Drink for restful sleep and relaxation.
Pure herbal. Without alcohol. Sugarfree.

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“Who wants to live healthy, which must above all sleep well!”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sleep well Marmot – the drink for the night, for difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep!

Without alcohol and sugar – on pure vegetable base – suitable also for diabetics.

We recommend to drink/to make a effective cure for 12 days – drink each day before you go sleeping the SLEEP WELL MARMOT DRINK – 200ml – you going to sleep as a marmot – very healthy and sleep sleep tight – and you feel in the morning/on the next day fit and agile.

The valuable vitamins inside (LMIV Dates) give you power and energy the whole day!

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